Grounding is electrically bonding yourself and the mats, wrist straps, shoe grounders, and cables together at a workstation.

Since the human body is conductive by electrically bonding ourselves to a wrist strap we give static a path from us to the ground beneath us.

Silver-Suffused Nylon Threading and Curved Stainless Steel Metal Plate conduct electricity.

Wrist Straps are conductive, so they suction off static electricity that is on our skin’s surface before it can build up charge.

Once the static has a path to an electrical outlet it is considered grounded.

This is because the electrical outlet in a building is connected to the Earth’s electrical field below it.

Mats are commonly used to line trays, shelves, or tables where exposed electronics will be sitting.

By installing snaps onto mats we can then connect either a mat ground or common point ground.

Sold as mat rolls these can also be used as floor runner or cut to specific table sizes.

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