Static Shielding Garments

Lab Coats and Smocks used for static control are available in multiple sizes and colors- but they are all woven with black carbon-loaded conductive threading. This threading is what makes them static shielding.

They are for sale with real-time inventory on

Since the human body is a conductor of electricity you cause ESD damage to electronics and computers simply by touching them (conduction) or being near them so that electricity jumps from you onto the circuitry (induction).

To prevent this we want to have a static shielding barrier between our body and the circuitry that is exposed to us.

ESD garments present this conductive, static shielding barrier between electrostatic discharges (ESD) emanating from your body (which is a conductor) and any electronics that you may be handling or near to (which are probably also conductors).

Made with static dissipative fabric these garments also resist becoming charged with static electricity.

To learn more check out our series of articles on how ESD clothing works, how to test it, and wash them on 

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