3600 MBB


• MVTR: 0.0003 grams/ 100 sq in./ 24 hrs

• 6.1 Mil Thick

• Meets RoHS and Reach Compliant

Product Details


For packing of static sensitive products where MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates) are critical.


6.1 mils of static dissipative nylon, aluminum foil and static dissipative polyethylene provide a very low MVTR. This foil barrier material meets or exceeds the MVTR and EMI/RFI/Static Shielding requirements for static safe moisture barrier packaging.


Aluminum Laminate

Chemical Properties: 

No effect on aluminum, copper, silver, Pb-Sn coated foil, stainless steel, kovar, low carbon steel, Polycarbonate compatible, no Amines, Amides or N-Octanoic Acid.

Heat Sealing:

Product is suitable for automatic bag-making machines.
Temperature – 375 degrees F
Time – 1.5 seconds
Pressure – 60 P.S.I


Physical Properties:

PropertiesTest MethodSpecification
YieldTCI#24,425 sq. in./lb
MVTRASTM F-1249< .0003 mgs / 100 sq. in. /24 hrs
Mullen BurstASTM-77472 PSI
Tensile StrengthASTM D-882TD 24 lbs/in
MD 29 lbs/in
Tear InitiationASTM D-1004> 4.5 lbs/mils
Puncture ResistanceFTMS 101C> 21 lbs
Seam StrengthASTM D-882> 12lbs. /in

Electrical Properties:
PropertiesTest MethodSpecification
Surface ResistivityASTM D-257 @ 15 RHPE < 1012 Ohms/Sq.
PET < 1012 Ohms/Sq.
Surface ResistanceANSI/ESD STM 11.11PE < 1011 Ohms
PET < 1011 Ohms
Static ShieldingEOS/ESD S11.31<10 nJ
Electrostatic DecayFTMS 1010.03 sec.
Capacitance ProbeEIA-541< 20 Volts Difference
EMI Shielding45 dB


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