8000 Series Conductive Bags

The 8000 Series Conductive Bag is made from a single layer of carbon-loaded
polyethylene. Conductivity does not depend on humidity. It is non-abrading, does not
contaminate components it comes in contact with, despite repeated use and is groundable.

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For packaging of static sensitive components, where electrostatic
contamination is a problem– also packaging of chemical and powder explosives.
Products Available: bags, tubing, and sheeting.


Properties: Color – Black Opaque – printable.
Tensile Strength – >2000 PSI ASTM-D882
Elongation (MD%) – >150% ASTM-D882
Dart Impact -250 to 700 gms ASTM-D1004
Tear Strength > 400 lbs. per inch ASTM-D882
Burst (Mullen) – 20 to 60 P.S.I.
Performance: Volume Resistivity – <30,000 ohms/cm ASTM-D991
Surface Resistivity – <30,000 ohms/sq ASTM-D257
Heat Sealing: Product is suitable for automatic bag-making machines.
Temperature – 250 – 375 degrees F
Time – 0.5-3.5 seconds
Pressure – 30-70 P.S.I

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