7100 Anti Static Bags


• Meets the electrical requirements of type II Mil-B-81705

• Available in 2 to 8 Mil

• Colors: Pink, Blue, Green, or Clear

Product Details


For packaging of static sensitive components, where electrostatic contamination is a problem.


The 7100 Series can be converted as bags, tubing, and sheeting to level 100.

Shelf Life:

Permanently antistatic under normal storage conditions.

Tested 16 hours @ 0⁰F – antistatic
Tested 16 hours @ 160⁰F – antistatic
Tested 8 hours @ 100⁰F – 95% RH-antistatic

Heat Sealing:

Product is suitable for automatic bag-making machines:

Temperature – 250⁰F – 375⁰F

Time – 0.5-3.5 seconds

Pressure – 30-70 P.S.I.


PropertiesSpecificationTest Method
Thickness2 to 8 mil thicknessCaliper
Tensile Strength2000 to 3000 PSIASTM-D882
Tearing Strength65 to 450 lbs/inchASTM-D1004
Elongation (MD%)greater than 550ASTM-D882
Dart Impact> 250 to 700 gramsASTM-D3420
Burst (Mullen)20 to 60 PSIASTM-D882
ESD Resistance< 1012 ohms/squareANSI / ESD STM 11.11
Static Decay Rate5 kv- 0 Volts in less than 2 secondsFederal Test Method 101 / Method 4046 per MIL-PRF-18705D Type II


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