7100 Series Anti Static Bags

Clear enough for scanning bar codes, it is available as open-top bags, sealable bags, rolls (500 ft. and 1000 ft.), tubing, or sheeting.

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Properties Specification Test Method
Color Blue, Clear, Green, Pink
Thickness 2 to 8 mil thickness Caliper
Tensile Strength 2000 to 3000 PSI ASTM-D882
Tearing Strength 65 to 450 lbs/inch/td>

Elongation (MD%) greater than 550 ASTM-D882
Dart Impact > 250 to 700 grams ASTM-D3420
Burst (Mullen) 20 to 60 PSI ASTM-D882
ESD Resistance < 1012 ohms/square ANSI / ESD STM 11.11
Static Decay Rate 5 kv- 0 Volts in less than 2 seconds Federal Test Method 101 / Method 4046 per MIL-PRF-18705D Type II
Sizes (Width) 1 inch to 80 inches
Sizes (Length) Any Length
Heat Sealing (Temperature) 250F to 375F
Heat Sealing (Time) 0.5 to 3.5 seconds
Heat Sealing (Pressure) 30 to 70 PSI

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