3600 Series ESD Bags

3600 Series Moisture Barrier Bags are 6.1 mils thick providing ESD Shielding in addition to a moisture barrier.

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Product Details


For packing of static sensitive products where MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates) are critical.


6.1 mils of static dissipative nylon, aluminum foil and static dissipative polyethylene provide a very low MVTR. This foil barrier material meets or exceeds the MVTR and EMI/RFI/Static Shielding requirements for static safe moisture barrier packaging.


Aluminum Laminate

Chemical Properties: 

No effect on aluminum, copper, silver, Pb-Sn coated foil, stainless steel, kovar, low carbon steel, Polycarbonate compatible, no Amines, Amides or N-Octanoic Acid.

Heat Sealing:

Product is suitable for automatic bag-making machines.
Temperature – 375 degrees F
Time – 1.5 seconds
Pressure – 60 P.S.I


Physical Properties:

Properties Test Method Specification
Thickness Caliper 6.1
Yield TCI#2 4,425 sq. in./lb
MVTR ASTM F-1249 < .0003 mgs / 100 sq. in. /24 hrs
Mullen Burst ASTM-774 72 PSI
Tensile Strength ASTM D-882 TD 24 lbs/in

MD 29 lbs/in

Tear Initiation ASTM D-1004 > 4.5 lbs/mils
Puncture Resistance FTMS 101C > 21 lbs
Seam Strength ASTM D-882 > 12lbs. /in
Electrical Properties:
Properties Test Method Specification
Surface Resistivity ASTM D-257 @ 15 RH PE < 1012 Ohms/Sq.

PET < 1012 Ohms/Sq.

Surface Resistance ANSI/ESD STM 11.11 PE < 1011 Ohms

PET < 1011 Ohms

Static Shielding EOS/ESD S11.31 <10 nJ
Electrostatic Decay FTMS 101 0.03 sec.
Capacitance Probe EIA-541 < 20 Volts Difference
EMI Shielding 45 dB

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