Ceiling Suspended Softwall Cleanrooms


Suspended from the ceiling, this type of clean room design is easily expanded or shrunk as needed over time.

The flexibility of hanging the cleanroom from the ceiling joists is that you can always make changes to your cleanroom(s) as needed.

Hung from the joists in the ceiling, Bennett & Bennett Engineers work with you to identify the parts of the building best suited to lay your grid and how many fan filter units you will need to meet the class specifications of your application.

Components of the Clean Room Design can all be altered to meet your budget: Curtains, Grid, and HEPA Fan Filter Units.

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Ceiling Suspended Softwall Clean Rooms are modular, making it easy to change their dimensions over time. They offer significant cost savings if you think you may need to enlarge or shrink your clean room design in the future.

Take for example a manufacturer of precision optical lenses for a defense application that is plagued with dirt particles large enough to see with the naked eye. The particulates range in size from about 15-30 microns and number in the range of 5,000-7,000 per cubic foot. Utilizing the Clean Room Classification Chart, they can see that they would require an ISO6, Class 1,000 room to reduce the number of 15-30 micron particles to under 10 per cubic foot.


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