Ceiling Suspended Softwall Cleanrooms

Suspended from the ceiling, these types of cleanrooms are easily expanded or shrunk as needed over time.

The flexibility of hanging the cleanroom from the ceiling joists is that you can always make changes to your cleanroom(s) as needed.

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Ceiling Suspended Softwall Cleanrooms are easy are modular, easily being changed in dimensions over time.

  • Unistrutâ„¢ is used to create the overhanging frame for where the softwall cleanroom will go.
  • Threaded rod is then hung from the Unistrutâ„¢ . This is where the grid will be attached.
  • The Main Tees are hung perpendicular to the Unistrut to stabilize the grid. (not as shown in this photo).
  • Then Cross Tees are hung over the Main Tees to form a grid. T-Grid is used to stabilize the intersection of Main Tees with Cross Tees.
  • Populating the ceiling with HEPA Fan Filter Units determines what class cleanroom you will have. The more HEPA units, the higher the cleanroom class.
  • Finally softwall curtains are hung from the frame of the grid. Curtains are electronically welded into overlaps and then slid into the frame.

ISO Clean Room Classifications (ISO 14664-1)

ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standards
ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standards

particle size analysis

Federal Standard 209E (USA) Clean Room Classifications (cancelled in 2001)

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