BB450 Clean Clear MBB

• Clear Nylon / Polyethylene Barrier Bag

• Clean to Level 100

• FDA Approved

Product Details

BB450 is a very strong, clear, moisture barrier bag.
It’s high nylon content enables it to be used in critical vacuum applications that require
strength and impact resistance. It is typically specified for large bags that must carry a heavy
load. This FDA approved film does not stretch due to the orientation of layers during the
laminating process.

It can be converted in many ways: 2-seal pouch, 3-seal pouch, side gusset, stand up pouch
and tubing.


Recloseable zipper, tear notch, round hang hole, and sombrero
hang hole. The BB450 can also be surface printed or reverse-trapped printed. It is available
in web widths to 60”



Properties Test Method Value
Width Caliper 5 mils
Yield 5950 sq. in/lb
MVTR Mocon .224 gms / 100 sq. in. / 24 hrs
OTR Mocon 2.7 cc / 100 sq. in. / 24 hrs
Tensile MD ASTM-D882 46 x 103 psi at break
Tensile XMD ASTM-D882 48 x 103 psi at break
Tear MD ASTM 689 60 x 103 psi at break
Tear XMD ASTM 689 60 x 103 psi at break

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