Choosing the Right Cleanroom Bag

At Bennett and Bennett, we manufacture multiple types of packaging for use in controlled environments.

Anti Static, Moisture Barrier, and Static Shielding Bags can all be shipped Class 100 / ISO Class 6 clean.

With regards to clean packaging, the two most important qualities in a bag are low outgassing and minimum sloughing.

Outgassing: The transfer of gaseous material onto a product inside the bag.

Sloughing: Material shed onto a product inside the bag when the film is flexed.

To maintain a vacuum on the bag consider using our cleanroom grade materials.

BB450 is a very strong moisture barrier and clear material designed for tough food and industrial applications. Its high nylon content enables it to be used in critical vacuum applications that require strength and impact resistance. It is typically specified for large bags that must carry a heavy load like wafers.

Nylon offers the lowest levels of the particulate count of any clean packing film. As such, nylon is used in applications with a high sensitivity to contamination. With its high abrasion resistance, Nylon is ideal for packing sharp or hard items that otherwise would cause a softer material to contaminate the product.

We provide a proprietary nylon film for a variety of industries that require FDA-approved, food-grade clear film.

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