How to Compare Anti Static Mats to Conductive Mats

There are two types of mats used in ESD control: Anti Static Mats and Conductive Mats.

rubber anti static mat 2' x 4' size. Link to Buy ESD Mats.Anti-Fatigue Conductive Mat 3' x 5' size. Link to Buy ESD Mats.

Anti Static Mats are used to capture and dissipate static on surface mounts and floors. They can be manufactured with rubber or vinyl. The more common rubber mat is made with a conductive bottom layer and a top anti static layer. For table tops, snaps are usually installed for a common point to be attached to.

Photographs of How Rubber ESD Mat Rolls are Cut to Ground Static Electricity. Link to Buy Anti Static Mats.

Conductive mats are made of carbon and used only on floors for the purpose of drawing static electricity to ground as quickly as possible. Normally conductive mats are made with cushioning for standing and so are sometimes referred to as "anti-fatigue" mats. They may also be beveled, or diamond-plated.

ESD Workstation Image. Link to Buy Floor Mats.

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