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Overhead Ionizing Blower:



Bennett and Bennett Overhead Three Fan Air Ionizing Blowers

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  • Variable Speed 
    (230-450 Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Covers 3' x 5' Area
  • Discharges 2 seconds at 12"
    (1000v to 100v)
    per S3.1-2000 ANSI / ESD
  • $878.69 per Blower
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Operation. The Elimstat© Overhead Blower removes the build-up of potentially damaging static charges on non-conductive materials. Controlled with variable speeds this blower outputs 230-450 cubic feet per minute. A recessed speed control discourages tampering with the speed.

Maintenance. Built-In Emitter Point Cleaners and hand operated electrode cleaners make it a low maintenance unit.

Testing. Everytime the unit is turned on it conducts a self-test to confirm balance and output compliance.

Input Power. The input AC Line Power operates at 100 VAC at 50/60 Hz.

Ion Emission. The unit utilizes inherently balanced A/C Corona Technology.

Part numbers: 4011714

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