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Dual Line Adjustable ESD Wrist Straps:

Dual Line Cloth Verison of Static Control ESD Wrist Strap Dual Line Metal Bracelet Version of Static Control ESD Wrist Strap offers Highest Surface Contact Area for Grounding Static


  • Cloth Version features a silver-plated, monofilament, continuous thread with elastic nylon

  • Metal Banded Version has two stainless steel backplates
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Dual Line ESD Cords are constructed with a double insulated jacket to provide reliable durability, while the wide diameter straight plug makes it easy to insert and remove from a remote input jack.

Dual Line Wrist Straps

Fabric Wrist Strap

Elastic nylon, silver-plated thread, blue

Metal Wrist Strap Speidel, metal, fixed size (S, M, L), black
Coil Cords 5, 10, 20 Feet practical, 7, 12, 24 feet extended, Gray, Plug tip 3.00 mm, Plug barrel 0.135 in, 1 meg ohm resistor
Meets or exceeds ANSI ESD-20.20 and ESD Standard 1.1-2006



Part numbers: 200-005, 200-010, 200-020, 281-000, 282-000, 282-000, 282-000

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