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ESD Wrist Straps | 240 Series:

How do ESD Wrist Straps really work? Manufactured with silver suffused conductive fibers they capture static on your skin's surface and deposit it (in this case) into a curved stainless-steel backplate. A grounding cord is attached by snapping into a 4mm stud on the wrist strap.


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  • 240 Series ESD Wrist Strap
  • 6' and 12' Ground Cords
  • Listed on the Qualified Products List under
  • Curved Stainless Steel Backplate on
    240 Series Wrist Strap for Superior Contact Surface Area
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Material Specifications. Thread with silver-suffused hypoallergenic silver plated nylon thread, our best-selling wrist strap draws charges from the wearer into a curved surgical stainless-steel backplate to ground the wearer.

Sizing and Use. The adjustable clam-lock fits any size wrist and allows 360° freedom of movement of the wrist while the wearer is grounded.

Grounding. The grounding cord contains a built-in 1 meg ohm resistor as required by ANSI / ESD S20.20 that plugs into the 4mm stud on the wrist strap with a 10mm hooded snap. Once attached the grounding cord and wrist strap can then be grounded into a common point ground system. 

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