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ESD Wrist Straps | 240 Series:

How do ESD Wrist Straps really work? Manufactured with silver suffused conductive fibers they capture static on your skin's surface. When the 4mm stud on the wrist strap is connected to the coil cord (or snapped into the grounding path sewn into our knitted cuff jackets as shown here) the static is carried away.

  • 6' and 12' Ground Cords
  • Curved Stainless Steel Backplate on
    240 Series Wrist Strap for Superior Contact Surface Area
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240 Series Wrist Strap Technical Data

Material Specifications. Thread with silver-suffused hypoallergenic nylon thread, our best-selling wrist strap draws charges from the wearer into a curved surgical stainless-steel backplate to ground the wearer.

Sizing and Use. The adjustable clam-lock fits any size wrist and allows 360° freedom of movement of the wrist while the wearer is grounded.

How a Wrist Strap Fits into an ESD Control Plan

Grounding. The coil cord contains a built-in 1 meg ohm resistor as required by ANSI / ESD S20.20 that plugs into the 4mm stud on the wrist strap with a 10mm hooded snap.

Bennett and Bennett manufactures ESD Jackets, Mats, Wrist Straps, and Common Point Grounds for Grounding Workers.

Once attached the coil cord and wrist strap can then be plugged into a common point ground or by using the optional alligator-clip you can clamp the coil cord to a path to Earth.

Part numbers: 240-006, 240-012, 240-000, 000-006, 000-012

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