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Quick Lock ESD Shoe Straps | Heel Grounders:

Silver Conductive Fiber Tucks Into Shoe for Ground Connection

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  • Easily Snaps Quickly
  • 1 Megohm Resistor Built In
  • Will not Mark or Scuff Shoes
  • Fits Any Size 
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Heel Grounder:
Heel Cup Specially reinforced 1 - 1/4" black carbon loaded rubber outside and white insulative rubber inside. Resistivity of contact rubber is between 10E4 - 10E5 ohms.
Heel Cup Size: 1.5" x 7.5" Cup-style, with two wearable surfaces.
Tab Size 18" long
Tab Materials Knitted ribbon with silver conductive monofilament; sewn onto heel cup.
Resistor Sewn in tab assembly with 1 megohm .25 watt chip resistor.
Ankle Adjustment Material Stretch nylon straps with quick release buckles.
Charge Decay 5000V to technical zero less than 2 seconds.
Meets or exceeds All US and European requirements.

Part numbers: HGC-QL1

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