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Simco-Ion™ AirForce Blow Off Gun:

The AirForce Static Eliminator Gun operates up to 60 PSI using Direct Current Corona Ionization.

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  • For Ionizing Air to Eliminate Static Electricity

  • Hand Held (12 oz / 340 g)


Operation. Used with Compressed Clean Dry Air or Nitrogen.

Manufacture. The cable is made static dissipative so that it has what is known as a "shockless" design that prevents users from being shocked if they touch the gun's ionizing point.

Discharge Time. 1 Second at 6" / 30 PSI ( ANSI / ESD STM3.1-2000 )

Ion Emission Type. Steady State DC. Tungsten Emitter Points.

Certifications. Meets ISO 14644-1 Class 4 and USA Federal Standard 209E Class 10 Standards for use in Cleanrooms. UL approved for use in the United States and Canada.

Part numbers: 92-6115-US

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